Who We Are

Introduction :

WFCO fire fighting- Saudi Arabia based Vision for Fire safety & An offshoot of renowned Equipment, the firm excels in engineering installation and maintenance of fire safety and security systems.,meets every facility’s need for working fire safety,including fire alarms fire extinguishers & fire fighting system, including cleanagent,foam & kitchenhood systems for business. Our team is experienced & knowledgeable in all areas of fire protection and providing you with one contact to keep your asset safe and secure. We have built a reputation as a leader in what we do

Our Vision & Misssion

Our Vision :

To be amongst the top 5 leading providers of fire protection and security systems in GCC countries by the end of 2015, with establish operations delivering quality products and services that are suitable for the region, effective and environmentally sustainable.

Our Misssion :

WFCO’s mission is to be a leading fire protection solution management organisation through the provision of fire detection , protection and extinguishment systems in the Middle East.

WFCO Fire Fighting is therefore your ‘One Stop’ for fire safety solutions.Through us, you can access a wide range of products and services that can make your assets safer, in compliance with the latesregulations

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Our Engineering Department

Tibyan Faysal

Mechanical Engineer

Hema Manikumar

Estimation Engineer

Paul T.Mathew

Electrical Engineer

Praveen Kumar.M

Mechanical Engineer